Build Your Commercial Kitchen The Right Way

There is so much confusion when it comes to differentiating equipment and appliances used for commercial kitchens and residential kitchens. Commercial kitchens are larger cooking spaces that are usually seen at hotels and restaurants to prepare their larger quantities of food.

However, residential kitchens are the cooking spaces used at homes, usually with smaller, lighter and less durable cooking equipment.

Generally most start-up restaurant owners have trouble distinguishing the equipment used in commercial and residential kitchens. Below are some tips to help build a commercial kitchen the right way.

Draft Your Layout

A well-organized commercial kitchen plan entails floor trenches alongside sinks and water supplies. Moreover, the plan must include installation of several sinks for washing and cleaning. Every cooking station needs to be equipped with extra electric and natural gas outlets, while placing multiple refrigeration units.

Choice of Equipment

Commercial kitchens are to be built on a higher standard. Therefore, they have distinctive pieces of equipment to suit their mass food production and are designed to be resilient and long lasting. What differentiates commercial cooking equipment from residential kitchen equipment is that it allows the preparation of food more efficiently and to a greater volume.

It is an essential aspect to consider certain factors before purchasing commercial cooking equipments for one’s restaurant. These factors include deciding on a budget and being familiar with the equipment. Other significant elements to look into are the durability, performance and, to cut the costs in the long run – innovative features of the equipment.

Safety Constraints

Commercial kitchens are hasty and the busiest during mealtimes, a time when accidents are likely to occur. Hence, all kitchen workers are advised to take extra precautions and be provided with protective gear to ensure fewer kitchen mishaps. Workers are to be given training on how to handle appliances and equipments at commercial kitchens.

Additional safety requirements include providing sufficient lighting across cooking stations, and special areas for food storage. Flooring material in commercial kitchens is advised to be non-slippery. Installation of fire extinguishers is an important aspect of safety requirement every kitchen needs.


A key facet to managing a commercial kitchen with higher standards is to set out basic hygiene requirements, starting from the kitchen to the facilities and the workers.

It is important to have garbage and waste food put out from the kitchen as quickly as possible without having it build up and have all areas of kitchen thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis.

All equipment that is used during the preparation of food is to be cleaned effectively and disinfected after every use to avoid any risk of contamination.

Finally, personal hygiene too plays an important role in a commercial kitchen. Every worker is obliged to maintain a high level of personal cleanliness.

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The Guide to Installing Metal, Worker!


The boilermaker installation services are fast, reliable and affordable. Their highly professional gas safety engineers are always there to help you at every stage possible. They would help you in identifying the location of your equipment. They would also assist you in understanding how the controls are to be used. As the professionals in this process and centralized heating are trained, their team has the knowledge and experience necessary to help people in choosing the best equipment for suiting their requirements as well as budget.

Their team of professional advisors would also help you to find a very cost efficient replacement of the boilermaker. They supply and even install a wide range of this equipment that is designed specifically for being more cost and energy efficient.

• Significance of choosing the right equipment

While the modern day boilermaker equipment may not be so durable, they definitely offer a lot more efficiency, which ultimately results in a significant reduction in the cost of energy.

• Expert’s advice on installation

The professionals regularly install the equipment. Their whole process of installation begins with an initial assessment and a technical survey for identifying your requirements. They’re always there to offer help at every single stage while the installation is being done.

During an emergency, their technicians perform the installation even on a very short notice. Once the process completes, the customers are given a gas-safety building certificate which states their compliance with a copy of warranty from the manufacturer. They ensure that the installation satisfies the requirements of the manufacturer.

• Significance of the process of installation

The professionals will ensure that they use the only good quality equipment so that they can provide you good quality products. Their pricing is also quite competitive. There are no hidden costs and the process of installation is taken care of by the professionals.

The highly skilled and professional team carries out the process of installation in commercial as well as residential establishments in order to ensure that you get maximum output and efficiency.

Along with offering a free of cost consultation, their services also includ

• Standard one year guarantee on workmanship.

• Power flush Magna cleaning filter.

• Gas safety regulations certificate.

• Registration of warranty from manufacturer.

• Installation by professional gas safety registered engineer.

• Competitive price.

In case your equipment is old does not have the technique of condensing, they would suggest you to buy a new one.
When it comes to metal fabrication, transport industry or construction, this equipment plays a crucial role. So, it is very crucial to take care of these machineries properly from time to time, so as to ensure that your employees are safe.

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Four Mistakes To Avoid When Dealing In Scrap Metal

There has been a huge breakthrough in the scrap metal market, and there are many who are making it big dealing with scrap metal. Just as individuals will like to get as much as they can from selling their metal, scrap yards are also trying to make sure they make enough from each deal. For most individuals, the main reason the end up sell their metal for peanuts is because they lack the necessary education about metals to be able to properly bargain.

Then again, there are those who are looking to make quick money and the prospect of making some from some metal they never gave any value to is good enough. However, scrap metal has a lot of values and before you a request for scrap car removal, try to assess how well the metal involved can benefit you if not directly indirectly. There are certain mistakes that should be avoided at all cost when dealing with scrap metal. Below are some common mistakes people make but that you should avoid.

Not knowing their metal

When it comes to metals, few people know there are any differences. Most people just assume metal is metal and should sold at the same face value. However, metals are different and with each come a value attached to it. You will not expect to sell the copper for the same price as steel. However, you have first of all to know the difference.

Sorting out your metals

When you are too busy to sort out your metals, it is to the advantage of the scrap yard owner for they will end up paying you less. If you want to get more for your metal, make sure to separate them, for example, instead of taking cables with copper within, strip the cable bar and remove the copper. This will sure fetch you more money. If you are at a loss on how to scrap your metal, check online of valuable tips.

Choosing the wrong dealer

Just as it is good to sort your scrap before calling or taking it to the dealer, it is also important to choose the scrap dealer wisely. There are many of them out there, but some are just there to take advantage of ignorant people like you. When choosing a dealer, make sure to choose one that has a good reputation. If you don’t know of any, ask around from friends and family.

Not having idea of the price

What better way to get the most out of your scrap deal than by having an idea of the prices to expect. If you have an idea of the price, the chances of being ripped off are slim. Take the time to understand the different pricing for the metals you have.

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